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Helping COOs Optimize Business Performance

To understand the business performance across regions, the COO looks for the common department and business scenarios such as inventory performance, warehouse operating expenses, shipping time, and more.

Taking The Data-Driven Path to Market Better

Retail Manufacturing Data Analytics report enables organizations to use powerful tools and a data-driven approach to make intelligent decisions. It allows businesses to analyze and follow up on progress and study consumer behaviors.

Delivering Firsthand Insights To CMOs To Improve Revenue

CMO is seeking information to understand the business performance across key regions and comprehend the best GTM tactics to lead into the campaign and strive for better ROI among multiple demographic groups progressing towards better future campaigns.

The Scenario Allows CFOs to Understand Growth Avenues

The CFO is looking to comprehend the business performance across the key countries and regions. This particular demo presents usual finance department business scenarios explaining revenue growth and profitability, planning, analysis, and expense management.

Assisting Service Providers to Improve Performance

The purpose-built insights solution for call center insights enables useful information delivery to the right individuals, assisting in performance improvement in usual call center operations. This solution keeps track of all the important information, including dates, times, and durations of all the steps, and mitigates any potential risks, including dropped calls, increasing resource requirements, and more. Furthermore, the solution covers agent-level insights such as periodic performances, additional support provision, business assistance, and more.

Presenting Information The Right Way

This solution helps gather and compile important data from the organization and present it through a dashboard. By bringing together all the IT asset information and developing relations with financial information, it provides complete health of the IT infrastructure that is critical to your business growth.

Making Your Sales Ever-Smooth & Seamless

This report provides an aerial view of the available opportunities in the company. The Sales Pipeline report will assist the managers in finding out the right information, such as in which city, region, or year the opportunities have been won or lost, and find probable reasons behind it. Also, detailed CRM reports like these can be used for multiple industries where CRMs have been deployed to manage sales.

Enabling Chief Medical Officers to Bridge Gap Between Workforce and Patients

AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants can help bridge the gap between the rising demand for healthcare services and the limited number of healthcare providers. These can provide patients basic medical advice, triage, and other non-emergency services. It can also save valuable time for healthcare providers, allowing them to focus on more complex cases and ensuring that patients timely receive the care they need.

Helping CDOs & CTOs Manage Healthcare Data with Authority Through AI/ML

Leveraging AI and ML algorithms can help healthcare providers make sense of this vast amount of data, providing insights into patient outcomes, identifying patterns and trends, informing diagnosis and treatment recommendations, and managing the data better. These technologies can analyze large datasets of patient records, medical images, and genomic data to make these predictions and recommendations.

Assisting CIOs to Access Computing Resources & Control Hardware Costs for Faster Decision Making

The advancements in computing power and declining hardware costs have opened new possibilities in the healthcare industry. High-performance computing clusters can run complex simulations and model diseases, drug interactions, and clinical trials. This can enable healthcare providers to make faster and more accurate decisions, leading to better patient outcomes.

Making Healthcare Costs Easy-to-Manage for COOs

Developing AI-powered algorithms can help healthcare providers optimize resource allocation, reduce waste, and improve operational efficiency in hospitals and healthcare systems. This can help reduce costs while improving the quality of care for patients. AI-powered algorithms can analyze data from various sources, including patient records and supply chain data, to identify zones where costs can be reduced without sacrificing patient care.

Ensuring Improved Partnerships & Collaborations

Collaboration and data sharing across multiple organizations are increasingly important in today's healthcare industry. Establishing collaborative data-sharing platforms and networks can enable seamless data exchange and analysis across hospitals, research institutes, and pharmaceutical companies. This can accelerate research, improve treatment outcomes, and help identify new approaches to healthcare challenges.

Expediting Drug & Vaccine Development Process for Pharma & Biotech Companies

Developing new drugs or vaccines is time-consuming and costly for pharmaceutical and biotech companies. The use of AI technology can help expedite the drug discovery and development process. AI-powered algorithms can identify potential drug targets, predict drug efficacy and safety, and optimize clinical trial design, leading to faster drug development timelines and better patient outcomes.

Enabling Manufacturers to Improve Using Data

To accurately visualize and present the focus points, the Manufacturing Analysis report is used to identify where production drops and gets attention to the data touchpoints that allow for reducing delays and improving the production line.

Taking The Data-Driven Path to Market Better

Retail Manufacturing Data Analytics report enables organizations to use powerful tools and a data-driven approach to make intelligent decisions. It allows businesses to analyze and follow up on progress and study consumer behaviors.

Helping Towards Sustainable Workforce Management

A complete solution encompassing everything inclusive of analytics and reporting that allows you to discover meaningful, useful insights related to human resources headcount, their effectiveness, and more. It allows HR professionals to make better data-driven decisions.

Presenting Information The Right Way

This solution helps gather and compile important data from the organization and present it through a dashboard. By bringing together all the IT asset information and developing relations with financial information, it provides complete health of the IT infrastructure that is critical to your business growth.

Assisting COOs in Ensuring Long-term Equipment Effectiveness

This solution allows COOs to look after their equipment effectively, use sensor data and analytics, closely monitor their equipment performance in real-time, and predict when maintenance is needed. The cloud can fast-process vast volumes of data to extract real-time insights, leading to cost-effective and efficient operations.

Building Accurate Reservoir Models to Optimize Production

This solution helps companies assess their capacity, requirements, and demand and build accurate reservoir models, eventually leading to optimized production and better recovery rates. These models function by incorporating data gathered from multiple sources, such as seismic imaging, historical production data, sensors, and more.

Improved Decision-Making for Future Investments

Using cloud and analytics, this solution helps oil and gas companies centralize their assets data and manage it effectively. This allows them for improved decision-making around maintenance schedules and investment in new equipment.

Enhancing Supply Chains Ops for Better Yield

This solution enables oil and gas companies to dive deep into their data and gain insights regarding their supply chains, allowing them to identify inefficiencies and anomalies and capitalize on opportunities for process optimization. Using the cloud, real-time collaboration, and sharing data among stakeholders make supply chain operations more effective, resulting in better yield.

Real-Time Monitoring of Environmental Factors & Human Safety

Through the cloud's real-time processing, organizations can monitor any external environmental factors, such as air and water quality, enabling them to be aware of any potentially harmful impacts. This also helps companies ensure their workforce's safety, avoiding any hazardous operations that may result in a catastrophe.

Streamlining Production Planning & Exploration for CXOs

This solution helps CXOs gather and analyze data from various sources. The seismic imaging data, geological surveys, historical product data, and other sensor data can be processed through cloud analytics tools to help oil and gas exploration companies to be more specific with their exploration and production planning, reducing risks and improving overall efficiency, leading to ideal results.

See How Organizations Are Innovating

+4x Increase in marketing agility by reducing time-to-market for recommendation models


Online fashion retailer ASOS had two intermeshed goals: to craft one data model solution where there would have been three, and to give its data science teams a satisfying, productivity-boosting collaboration model.


ASOS standardized on the Microsoft Azure Machine Learning service to build the models that support its fashion recommender, publishing brand recommendations for its 19.2 million customers to Azure Cosmos DB for global scalability.


The company has achieved an AI transformation that drives down model build times from months to weeks, serving recommendations to its 19.2M customers. and improving collaboration and the model-building experience for its data scientists and engineers.

Instant insights of fruit and vegetable availability status on shelves


As the first Turkish retailer to hold an R&D certificate, Migros wanted to find a way to transform the retail sector to streamline operations and improve customer satisfaction.


Using Azure Cognitive Services, Migros developed an AI powered system that obtains data from cameras installed in-store and can instantly recognize products and estimate shelf-occupancy rates.


Migros can instantly monitor the amount and stock status of fruits and vegetables on the shelves and generate alarms about their condition. In addition, sell-out and automatic order situations can be easily managed.

+40% improvement in prediction accuracy in a pilot of over 700 retail stores


PepsiCo wanted to give its frontline sales force the tools it needs to effectively and efficiently stock and manage store inventories and displays so that customers in each store find just the product they want.


Field workers use the Store DNA app, built with Azure Machine Learning and its machine learning operations capabilities, to identify trends and consumption patterns on a per-store basis so that available stock matches customer demand.


PepsiCo is rolling out the Store DNA app to 14 US markets. Workers receive a tailored list of top priorities for weekly store visits, and the company estimates it’s shifting 4,300 days of work a year from tedious tasks to value-added activities.

We’re taking advantage of the Azure Databricks shared environment—we’ve made it our preferred collaboration platform, and it’s helping our data scientists and engineers share more and get to the next level of AI sophistication.


Safety is at the heart of everything Shell does. From exploration to extraction and all the way to retail vending, Shell prioritizes the safety of its employees, contractors, partners and customers, and the environment.


Shell is piloting a new cloud-based, deep learning solution built on Microsoft Azure. Using closed-circuit camera footage and IoT technology to automatically identify safety hazards and alert service champions so they can quickly respond and eliminate potential problems.


Using machine vision technology, combined with automated image processing and analysis, VADR (Video Analytics for Downstream Retail) adds an extra level of safety for people and the environment.

Only Microsoft offered the proven, cutting-edge technologies and models that have been trained on Microsoft data sets on a very large scale and are available completely disconnected…. All of this accelerates our time to market, and that has been the key differentiator for us.


Airbus innovates continually, ever mindful of the strict security requirements that constrain many of its customers, like government agencies and international security organizations. It also envisioned AI applications to reimagine answers to complex problems.


The company created its own restricted cloud with Azure AI solutions, like its aircraft anomaly detector. It used Azure Cognitive Services to create a pilot training chatbot and a predictive maintenance solution based on Anomaly Detector.


Airbus uses the built-in functionality of Cognitive Services and Azure AI solutions to hasten development, shortening time to market. The solutions it is creating have myriad benefits, from optimizing military aircraft maintenance to making pilot training more effective.

We discovered that Azure Digital Twins is already purpose-built to do what we want to do. Instead of taking a graph database and then having to build from scratch on top of it, we have all that functionality out of the box.


GE Aviation’s Digital Group needed to combine two disparate systems for recording aircraft maintenance and in-flight performance to increase efficiency, reduce costs, minimize unplanned downtime, and meet strict industry safety standards.


GE Aviation’s Digital Group deployed Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services to digitize its maintenance records system and is using Azure Digital Twins to create a living data ecosystem and a traceable digital record of each aircraft’s maintenance, performance, history, and health.


GE Aviation’s Digital Group will offer a unique competitive advantage—accurate, efficient reporting capabilities and proof of compliance documentation for customers, from the fleet level to the individual aircraft and component level.