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Veraqor is focused on serving its clientele in the best ways possible. To ensure that, we offer complimentary sessions for our multiple technology solutions aimed at helping you solve your problem comprehensively and enabling long-term prosperity.

Give Direction to Your Efforts with Our Complimentary Sessions

Our complimentary sessions allow leading organizations like yours to share and discuss your problems with our expert consultants and get specific, practical, and reliable solutions.

Identify Hidden Patterns in Demand Forecasting in Supply Chain Management using Cloud AI Stack

This briefing provides high-level information and discussion regarding hidden patterns, methods to identify them, create demand forecasting based on that data, and best practices with their key benefits.

Understand mathematical methods for pattern analysis, techniques, and models used in demand forecasting

Discuss methods, techniques, models, components, and demand forecasting applications

Ways to Understand Pattern Analysis

A basic introduction to hidden pattern analysis

Identification of internal and external influencers

Introduction to Cloud, Data & AI Analytics.

Using those patterns to create data omnichannel landscape

How this landscape is used for demand forecasting

High-Level Discussion

Veraqor will help you and your team understand the benefits of identifying hidden patterns in order to make forecasting for your business using scalable and secure cloud technologies.

Hidden patterns in demand forecasting

Potential approaches and solutions

Development Journey

Prioritizing cloud-based analytics