Data Management & Analytics Services

Leverage your data to govern and implement analytics and AI

With a structured approach, we understand your business objectives to ask the right questions and then benchmark our findings. Through our data analytics services, we uncover insights and novel perspectives that produce value.


Unveiling the true value of data

Only through a comprehensive data strategy can organizations manage their resources and bring about new avenues for management. Moreover, exploring further than any organization’s effective area, including machine learning, artificial intelligence, the internet of things, real-time device data, and more, is only possible through proper data management strategy.

Veraqor’s data strategy custom-built for your organization covers all the core aspects such as cloud adoption for cloud analytics using well-architected frameworks and objectives that drive business value as well as discover, emphasize, and predict the short and long-term returns on the investment made in data management and analytics. This development process is in line with the criterion of most organizations and will help them in the future.

Leveraging data to advance

Veraqor enables organizations to leverage data assets by correctly identifying them and integrating them into the data management systems. Through modern data warehouses, appropriate data preparation, and data governance, the performance is tuned to yield the best results. We help build critical systems and purpose-built accelerators that extract valuable information through data insights services.

Extracting significant insights from internal and external data sources through purpose-built cloud analytics, we push organizations by shortening the time to value and unlocking digital prosperity and efficiency with accurate and timely analytics. Our services include enterprise data modernization and cloud migration, data lakes, real-time data analytics solutions, data visualization, modern data warehousing on the cloud, and more.

Utilizing advanced analytics to drive strategic value

Modern technologies, such as AI and machine learning, and their ability to predict based on the data available to drive strategic business value is critical. By seamlessly aligning with the organizational goals, data science guides organizations better toward their objectives. Veraqor’s data science and data analytics services services prepare insights based on the desk practices framework.

Moreover, these also establish the visual exploration of the data where key relationships between data are identified to model properly. Our experience in artificial intelligence and machine learning allows us to develop advanced analytic solutions and then model, examine and deploy these to make most of the predictive abilities and influence decision-making. Services include NLP, computer vision, recommendation systems, and anomaly detection.

Taking visual data storytelling up a notch

In order to utilize enterprise data and data analytics services, understanding the data and its rightful abilities with the intention of exploring relationships that can be significant to proving the facts and surpassing the suppositions is critical. It helps openly communicate to all the stakeholders, whether it is for a C-level employee or a frontline worker.

Conventionally, developing eye-catching dashboards for reporting has been the prime focus, but automation has succeeded the legacy processes and procedures, leveraging artificial intelligence and other powerful decision-making applications. Veraqor utilizes the organization’s data to tell stories through its data visualization, data-driven automation, and delivery design services.

Everything and data at scale

Veraqor helps organizations with its Data Governance services to get them through challenges and difficulties pertaining to data. With the ever-growing data ecosystem, Veraqor utilizes its expertise and data governance experience to innovate and create corporate partnerships to reduce time deployment time for customized solutions and extensive data governance strategy for enterprises.

Our data governance services include Microsoft Purview, Master Data Management (MDM) Implementation, Data Governance policies and frameworks, data catalog, and creation of business glossary. These help organizations maximize the business value of data by establishing appropriate governance protocols at every step of the organization’s data lifecycle.

Empower your business with our data analytics services

Veraqor is among the leading data analysis firms and enables enterprises, through its comprehensive data management and data analytics services, to achieve organizational goals by leveraging the data they already have. With the cloud, analytics, artificial intelligence, and effective data governance, we help them create business value and solve real-world problems. Equipped with modern skill sets, we empower you for the future.

Complimentary Architecture Design Session for Analytics

Strategy Briefing
Strategy Briefing

Understand your data practices, preferences, and current data state to help you better.


Discuss how data management and analytics solutions can help you transform and innovate.

Architecture Design Session
Architecture Design Session

This custom architecture design session focuses on aligning your business objectives with Microsoft solution.

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