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Instant insights of fruit and vegetable availability status on shelves


As the first Turkish retailer to hold an R&D certificate, Migros wanted to find a way to transform the retail sector to streamline operations and improve customer satisfaction.


Using Azure Cognitive Services, Migros developed an AI powered system that obtains data from cameras installed in-store and can instantly recognize products and estimate shelf-occupancy rates.


Migros can instantly monitor the amount and stock status of fruits and vegetables on the shelves and generate alarms about their condition. In addition, sell-out and automatic order situations can be easily managed.

+200% revenue vs. expectation in new store locations selected using Azure ML


Carhartt needed to factor in macroeconomic variables and the complexity of geographic-specific trends into their analytics and sales prediction forecasts to help them make quicker business decisions and remain competitive with online retail.


Carhartt used Azure Machine Learning to develop a new forecasting, selection, and go-to-market tool that combines more than 100 variables including climate, sales data, and consumer behaviour.


Carhartt used the new tool to develop a list of new brick-and-mortar locations to help open three new stores. Within months, the new locations exceeded revenue by over 200%. The tool is now deployed to optimize sales with big-box retailers, online, and all physical Carhartt stores.

+40% improvement in prediction accuracy in a pilot of over 700 retail stores


PepsiCo wanted to give its frontline sales force the tools it needs to effectively and efficiently stock and manage store inventories and displays so that customers in each store find just the product they want.


Field workers use the Store DNA app, built with Azure Machine Learning and its machine learning operations capabilities, to identify trends and consumption patterns on a per-store basis so that available stock matches customer demand.


PepsiCo is rolling out the Store DNA app to 14 US markets. Workers receive a tailored list of top priorities for weekly store visits, and the company estimates it’s shifting 4,300 days of work a year from tedious tasks to value-added activities.

On one hand, Microsoft Azure is continuing to emerge as the most sought-after cloud platform that is allowing us to build cutting-edge solutions, bridging the value of the intelligent cloud and intelligent edge coming together. On the other hand, we’re really enthused by the vision of Piramal Glass to transform traditional processes in the Digital-1st world.”


Piramal Glass was looking to improve production efficiency and minimize defects to transform its manufacturing process with technology.


Piramal Glass leveraged IoT to get real-time visibility into its manufacturing operations and analyze the defects at various stages. Using Azure IoT Hub, data from equipment and high-speed production line sensors is pushed to the cloud for further analysis.


RTMI (Real Time Manufacturing Insights) has enhanced the efficiency of plant managers in detecting the anomalies in the process, monitoring the key performance metrics and making informed decisions in real time, reducing time on manual data and improving productivity.

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The assessment phase is designed to help you understand how your technical landscape can be modernized and optimized for innovation, performance, and growth, with ideal supply chain solutions for unique situations.

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