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Our innovation-led approach to utilizing artificial intelligence and advanced machine learning algorithms enables us to streamline your business processes, enhance customer experiences, and drive data-informed decision-making. By leveraging our artificial intelligence as a service offering in a strategic and integrated manner, we can help your business achieve its goals and stay ahead of the competition.

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Customer Evidence


Howden faced a challenge in their business where generating customer proposals was a time-consuming, labor-intensive process that was also prone to human errors. This process required going through detailed engineering documents that included unstructured text and images of specialized components, which made it difficult to produce accurate bids within a reasonable timeframe.


Howden implemented Cognitive search technology to address this challenge to optimize their bidding process. This technology enabled them to scour through large volumes of data efficiently and extract relevant information from their engineering documents. Using AI algorithms, Howden could automatically identify key information from these documents and use it to create accurate customer proposals.


By implementing this solution, Howden was able to significantly speed up their proposal generation process, which improved their overall productivity and reduced the likelihood of errors. The technology allowed them to access the relevant information they needed quickly and efficiently, enabling them to generate proposals faster and more accurately. This, in turn, helped Howden to serve its customers better and win more business.


Claims management transactions in the National Health Service (NHS) can be time-consuming and inefficient, involving a lot of manual data entry and processing of paper documents. This can lead to delays in processing claims, impacting patient safety and resulting in higher costs for taxpayers.


To address this challenge, we proposed a solution to modernize claims management transactions by digitizing documents and using AI and machine learning to extract data from those forms. This data can then be used to drive better decision-making for the NHS, improving the efficiency and accuracy of the claims management process.


By implementing this solution, the NHS delivered better taxpayer value by reducing the costs associated with claims management and improving the accuracy of claims processing. This also led to better patient outcomes, as claims were processed more quickly and accurately, reducing potential errors or delays that could impact patient safety. The digitization and data-driven claims management approach helped the NHS operate more efficiently and improve performance and efficacy.


E-commerce customers often struggle to find personalized fashion recommendations online, leading to a less-than-ideal shopping experience. This can result in lost sales and a decline in customer satisfaction.


To address this challenge, we proposed a solution to modernize the e-commerce customer shopping experience by introducing an AI-powered shopping assistant chatbot. This chatbot uses advanced algorithms to analyze customer preferences and provides real-time personalized fashion recommendations, creating a more engaging and interactive shopping experience for online customers.


Through this solution, the e-commerce company boosted online sales by proactively catering to changing customer tastes and identifying trends through the data gathered by the chatbot. Moreover, customers benefited from an improved shopping experience, increasing satisfaction and loyalty. The AI-powered shopping assistant chatbot helped modernize the e-commerce customer shopping experience and created a more personalized and engaging environment for online shoppers.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, many people were worried about their symptoms and unsure what to do next. This led to a surge in inquiries to healthcare organizations, putting a strain on doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals.


To address this challenge, we proposed a solution to enable frontline organizations to respond to inquiries more efficiently by introducing a COVID-19 assessment bot. This bot was able to quickly assess symptoms for people worried about infection and suggest a subsequent course of action, such as connecting them with a medical provider. This would help to free up doctors, nurses, administrators, and other healthcare professionals to focus on providing care to those who need it most.


By deploying this solution, frontline organizations were able to respond to inquiries more efficiently, reducing the strain on healthcare professionals and improving overall patient care. The COVID-19 assessment also helped alleviate anxiety and guide people who may be worried about their symptoms, ensuring they receive the care they need on time. Overall, the assessment bot has positively impacted healthcare organizations, healthcare professionals, and patients alike during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

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