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360° human capital management from hire to retire.


One-window Solution from Recruitment to Retirement

360° Performance Evaluation
Talent Acquisition & Planning
Payroll, Benefits & Expenses
Employee On/Off-boarding
Workforce Management & Analytics
Learning & Development
Travel Management
Stock Management
HR Excellence, On-the-go!
Efficient global workforce management
Comprehensive employee profile management
Customizable hierarchies/organizational structures
Dynamic compensation and benefits management
Centralized management and access controls
People and performance-centric processes
Enabling Comprehensive People Excellence Through Automation

Streamline talent planning acquisition and human resource management with easy access to all information in just a few clicks.

Why qorPulse?
Built on Power Platform®, based on modern HR needs
Seamless integration with Microsoft® and other systems
Built-in security, ensuring your data is safe and secure
Enabling all HR functions to digitalize and automate
Unified information accessibility to enable trouble-free processes
End-to-end HR solution, focused on performance excellence
Make Collaborations
More Meaningful

Built with Microsoft Power Apps® means you have 1000+ applications to integrate with, making qorPulse the center of your people excellence operations. Your qorPulse seamlessly work with day-to-day applications like Microsoft Office 365®, Microsoft Dynamics®, Microsoft Power BI® and more.

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