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App Development & Modernization

Unlock the power of low-code/no-code app development and modernization to build digital solutions and drive innovation quickly. Leverage the ease of swiftly creating and updating applications without extensive coding.

Key Benefits

Faster Time to Market

Improved Business Agility

Reduced Development Costs

Enhanced System Integration

Technical Capabilities

Rapid Application Development

Efficiently create applications using minimal code, intuitive drag-and-drop interfaces, and ready-made templates for accelerated development cycles.

Legacy App Modernization

Revitalize and revamp outdated applications to align with current business requirements and technological advancements for enhanced performance swiftly.

Integration Capabilities

Integrate low-code applications with existing systems and data repositories to enhance functionality and accessibility. Make it quick and frictionless with less code.

Automation and Integrations

Empower your organization with streamlined automation and seamless integrations through low-code and no-code development. Drive efficiency and innovation without extensive coding knowledge, allowing for rapid automation and integration.

Key Benefits

Accelerated Automation

Enhanced Process Agility

Seamless External Integrations

Technical Capabilities

Visual Development Environment

Utilize intuitive visual interfaces to design detailed workflows, empowering business users to contribute better and ensure a more significant impact.

Pre-built Connectors

Leverage a library of pre-built connectors to services and applications, enabling rapid integration and interoperability for your business-critical apps.

Workflow Automation

Seamlessly and quickly automate complex business processes, orchestrating tasks and approvals to drive efficiency and ensure consistency throughout.

Workflows & Process Optimization

Enhance operational efficiency with low-code and no-code solutions by streamlining workflows and optimizing processes for improved productivity and performance. Get the most out of your efforts.

Key Benefits

Faster Process Automation

Easy and Continuous Improvement

Empowered Business Users

Technical Capabilities

Smart Workflow Automation

Easily automate tasks and processes with low-code and no-code workflow automation solutions—design and deploy efficient workflows to improve productivity.

Intelligent Process Optimization

Optimize business processes by leveraging low-code and no-code development tools to identify bottlenecks, streamline operations, and drive continuous improvement.

Reports & Visualization

Effortlessly generate comprehensive reports and visualizations with our low-code and no-code development platforms. Gain valuable insights into your data, enabling informed decision-making and driving organizational success.

Key Benefits

Enhanced Data Insights

Improved Organizational Performance

Streamlined Decision-Making Processes

Technical Capabilities

Custom Report Creation

Effortlessly create and share tailored reports for precise insights, aligning perfectly with your unique business requirements for informed decisions.

Interactive Data Visualization

Build dynamic visual reporting platforms, swiftly spotting trends and patterns, enhancing understanding, and facilitating thorough data exploration.

Real-time Analytics

Stay ahead with immediate, real-time insights, adapting quickly to changing trends and identifying and seizing opportunities promptly for continued success.

Generating Business Value Across Functions

Build enterprise business applications with low-code and no-code capabilities quickly.

See How Organizations Are Innovating

SFPD-logo (1)


The San Francisco Police Department (SFPD), dedicated to upholding the law and serving residents, sought to enhance its vehicle recovery process to prevent unnecessary police interactions. Facing outdated technology, legacy solutions, and inefficiencies, SFPD recognized the need for a modern solution to streamline reporting and reduce department costs.


SFPD was proposed a low-code/no-code solution, mainly Microsoft Power Platform, leveraging its low-code and AI-driven to create a mobile app for reporting returned vehicles. With guidance from Microsoft and Power Apps, SFPD swiftly developed an effective solution that enabled officers to update vehicle statuses in real-time, eliminating hours of paperwork and driving back to the station.


The deployment of the app, named RESTVOS (Returning Stolen Vehicle to Owner System), resulted in remarkable time savings and increased officer efficiency. Officers can now remove vehicles from the system in minutes, compared to the previous hours-long process. This efficiency has saved an estimated 500 officer hours per month and significantly reduced unnecessary traffic stops and confusion for vehicle owners. Additionally, SFPD plans to leverage Power Platform for more time-saving solutions in the future, further enhancing its public service efforts.


Lenovo, a global technology leader, has been revolutionizing the industry for almost four decades. With over 77,000 employees across 180 markets worldwide, Lenovo continually innovates, delivering cutting-edge solutions from laptops and servers to IoT devices. The company needed a solution to enhance sales operations.


Lenovo was provided with a solution to enhance sales operations, encompassing multiple processes and overlooking them to have full control. The company sought after and implemented Dynamics 365, replacing disparate and legacy systems with a centralized solution. This shift streamlined processes, improving sales efficiency and facilitating real-time reporting.


The transition to Dynamics 365 revolutionized Lenovo’s sales approach. With more cohesive systems, Lenovo witnessed historic sales and profitability results, capturing a significant market share. Moreover, the streamlined processes led to cost savings and increased productivity. With the success of Dynamics 365, Lenovo is now exploring AI-based functionalities to further enhance its sales operations, including the operational use of Copilot.


Sysmex Corporation, a global leader in healthcare, recognized the pressing need for improved systems to support its long-term vision of revolutionizing healthcare worldwide. As the healthcare industry faces increasingly diverse and complex challenges, including personalized medicine and rising costs, Sysmex had to enhance its infrastructure to better serve individuals across the globe.


To accelerate its growth and support the development of a society where everyone has access to quality healthcare, Sysmex undertook a series of strategic measures. One such initiative involves embracing digital technology to streamline operations and alleviate burdens on frontline employees. Through a project promoting internal crowd-sourced development using Microsoft Power Apps, Sysmex aimed to enhance operational efficiency and foster talent growth in IT.


The project powered by low-code capabilities has already yielded promising results. By leveraging the Power Platform and with over 40 apps developed in-house, Sysmex has seen a significant improvement in operational efficiency and employee engagement. The company plans to expand the project further, fostering a culture of digital transformation and innovation throughout the organization.


The Environment Agency (EA), supported by DEFRA, had to embark on a comprehensive digital transformation journey to redefine its approach to environmental protection. Driven by a commitment to preserving nature and enhancing human well-being, the EA recognized the need to modernize and consolidate its technical infrastructure.


At the heart of this transformative endeavor lies the adoption of Microsoft Power Platform for no-code and low-code application development. This strategic move empowers the EA to bridge the gap between evolving business needs and efficient application delivery. By leveraging the innovative capabilities of Power Platform, the EA aims to foster business-led innovation, streamline regulatory processes, and optimize resource utilization.


Through the consolidation of its technology stack and the adoption of Power Platform, the agency has significantly enhanced data quality, operational efficiency, and user satisfaction. With over 100 applications in operation, the transition to a unified platform has streamlined workflows and expedited application development cycles. Furthermore, the digitalization of permitting activities, fueled by Microsoft Azure technologies, has ushered in unprecedented improvements in speed, data clarity, and resource utilization.