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Customer Evidence

Developing a “digital companion” to save lives


A healthcare consortium’s cardiologists needed data such as electrocardiogram (ECG) readings or blood pressure measurements collected over weeks, months, or even longer.


The prototype solution was based on the Internet of Things (IoT). The system captures and sends data from a patient’s fitness band or tiny wearable sensors to the cloud.

There, IoT and other services transform disparate medical data into easy-to-read summative dashboards and key performance indicators (KPIs), which users and their physicians can view from a mobile app or a web portal.


Through this solution, the consortium was able to increase the potential to save precious lives, lower healthcare costs, and provide needed care in remote and underdeveloped regions.

Saving lives and money for 10 million patients with machine learning


This healthcare service provider was looking for a smart system to help predict high-risk patients in order to intervene through preventive healthcare, optimize care quality, and reduce the cost and variance of care delivery across the network.


With operational analytics and machine learning, the organization developed a chronic disease management program that could more effectively treat patients with chronic diseases.


Thanks to the new system, the organization was able to improve care decisions for each patient thanks to real-time evidence, lower hospitalization, and work absenteeism for chronic disease patients, and reduce costs for chronic disease patients by 60 percent.

Enabled easy interaction of physicians with each other and patients from anywhere using virtual health


A multi-specialty physician’s group needed an efficient way for staff to communicate with each other and patients and were also looking for opportunities to streamline workflow.


The solution uses cloud-based video conferencing to enable virtual health services that connect clinicians, patients, care teams, and health professionals to provide health services, promote professional collaboration, support self-management, and coordinate care across the care continuum.


  • Streamlined patient workflow
  • Telecollaboration among staff
  • Provide online training to staff
  • Easy sharing of expertise and files anytime

Built in the cloud and made for the future


Clinicians had to log onto up to eight separate information systems to access the data they needed. Patient information was not integrated between different clinical areas, resulting in a disjointed view of the patient journey and a higher risk of errors. Patient records were held in paper storage, making it difficult for patients to access them.


The solution stores and manages digital records in the cloud and produces a single view of each patient. The organization has also integrated many other core applications, and now supports tablets to enable clinical teams to access data from anywhere.


  • Patients can view digital records from anywhere, communicate with the staff, and feel more empowered and in control.
  • Time-consuming processes are now automated.
  • Staff’s instant mobile access to information and the ability to diagnose and predict based on data is helping improve patient outcomes, reducing the risk of error, and enhancing efficiency.

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