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Harness the power of Large Language Models (LLMs) and Generative AI to fuel extraordinary business growth. Embrace automation and innovation, crucial for your business to lead in today’s competitive landscape.

Overcoming Modern Business Challenges with Generative AI & LLMs

Unlock Endless Innovation with Our AI Development Services

With robust Generative AI solutions seamlessly integrated with industry-leading foundational models such as GPT-4, BLOOM, and others, we help you maximize positive results. Our generative AI solutions empower businesses to automate and optimize workflows, significantly enhancing productivity and efficiency.

Generative AI Integration

Veraqor seamlessly integrates cutting-edge Generative AI solutions into your existing tech infrastructure, redefining the efficiency of your internal workflows and customer-facing systems. This seamless transition allows minimal disruption to your ongoing operations, empowering your organization.

Key Benefits

Better Decision-Making with Advanced AI Insights

Streamlined and Automated Operations

Personalized Customer Experiences

Better Optimized Processes

Technical Capabilities

Intelligent Integration Framework

Our intelligent integration framework allows smooth integration of Generative AI into your existing tech ecosystem. We optimize it for compatibility, fostering a seamless integration that enhances operational efficiency and embraces the potential of GenAI.

Enhanced Workflow Dynamics

Veraqor’s experts make it easy for you to integrate the GenAI system with your existing infrastructure for enhanced workflow. Our solutions seamlessly adapt to your processes, unlocking new dimensions of creativity and efficiency backed by data.

Generative AI Integration Trends

Organizations leveraging Generative AI report a 40% increase in operational efficiency.

The Generative AI market is expected to be worth US$66.62 billion in 2024.

76% of businesses see Generative AI integration as pivotal to staying competitive in their industry.

Generative AI Model Development

We build domain-specific Generative AI models that empower your business with impactful outcomes. As a generative AI development company, our tailored approach to developing targeted AI models starts with a thorough assessment of your industry and business goals to bring out the best in you.

Key Benefits

Improved Operational Efficiency

Faster Issue Resolution

Business Relevance

Hyper-personalization Features

Technical Capabilities

Scoping & Industry Understanding

We carry out comprehensive scoping to understand your industry landscape and how Generative AI can add value to it. We conduct detailed analysis, comprehending your operational processes, challenges, and goals, laying the groundwork for Generative AI model development.

Business Problems Analysis

Central to our Generative AI development process is a focused examination of your business problems and objectives. We conduct a rigorous analysis, aiming to discern the specific challenges and goals that define your operational landscape, serving as a critical foundation for the future.

GenAI Model Fine-tuning

Veraqor’s expertise with the latest Generative AI models, such as GPT, LLaMa, BERT, PaLM, and others, makes us stand out. We tailor these models to seamlessly align with your business needs, ensuring optimal performance and output, allowing us to work with your proprietary data further to enhance its impact, providing a customized solution.

Thorough Testing for Precision

All our Generative AI solutions and models undergo careful evaluation to validate their precision, reliability, and overall performance. Through scenario simulations, stress testing, and validation against diverse datasets, we ensure the robustness of the model in real-world scenarios.

Implementation and Integration

The final stage encompasses the implementation and integration of the fine-tuned GenAI model into your operational framework. We ensure a smooth transition from development to practical application, allowing you to harness the full potential of the Generative AI solution in enhancing your business processes and outcomes.

Generative AI Model Development Trends

91% of businesses report increased efficiency with domain-specific Generative AI models.

The demand for domain-specific Generative AI models is projected to grow by 73% in the next two years.

Organizations using tailored Generative AI solutions see a 60% improvement in addressing industry-specific challenges.

Intelligent Data Analysis

Veraqor specializes in tailored, intelligent data analysis solutions, unlocking profound insights from diverse data sources, including models for understanding languages such as Jais and Noor. Our advanced Generative AI systems empower businesses with a competitive advantage, unraveling hidden data value through expertise and innovation.

Key Benefits

Informed Decision-Making

Productivity Boost

Personalized Experiences

Cost Reduction

Technical Capabilities

Valuable Insights Unlocked

Our intelligent data analysis service is meticulously crafted to empower businesses to extract useful and meaningful insights from their data reservoirs. We work with and around structured data and unstructured data for extracting, processing, and analyzing information.

Pattern Exploration

Embark on a journey of seamless pattern/trend exploration and analysis across extensive data volumes, spanning text, images, and videos. Through our Gen AI services and advanced machine learning solutions, we identify patterns and trends, laying the foundation for informed and data-driven decisions.

Optimized Product Discovery

Harness the power of Generative AI models to refine and optimize the product discovery process. We enable your business to identify customer behavior patterns, preferences, and feedback, and as a result, you get an elevated product discovery experience, enhancing customer interactions and satisfaction.

Intelligent Data Analysis Trends

82% of organizations find exploring unstructured data challenging.

68% of companies believe Knowledge Mining is crucial for their strategic goals.

Companies using knowledge mining can improve decision-making by up to 50%.

Technical Solution Overview

Generating Business Value Across Functions

Enterprise Generative AI solutions that provide real-time, actionable insights.

See How Organizations Are Innovating


PwC, a leading player in professional services, faced the challenge of advancing its audit approach into the Next Generation Audit (NGA), blending human expertise with cutting-edge technology and data-driven insights. The aim was to enhance audit efficiency and transparency and reduce unnecessary burdens on clients while ensuring compliance with data regulations and maintaining robust security.


PwC embraced a forward-looking approach by leveraging Microsoft Azure solutions, including Azure OpenAI Service, Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Kubernetes Service, Azure App Service, and the global infrastructure. The implementation created an NGA ecosystem that aligns with PwC’s vision for increased efficiency, transparency, and improved data utilization. The Generative AI capabilities of Azure OpenAI Service became a pivotal element, enabling natural language interfaces for enterprise data and ensuring the future adaptability of assurance services.


The NGA ecosystem, powered by Microsoft Azure solutions, including GenAI, positions PwC at the forefront of audit innovation. The integration of Azure OpenAI Service facilitates enhanced data acquisition, utilization, and transparency, reducing unnecessary audit burdens. The robust infrastructure ensures compliance with data regulations and strengthens data security, empowering PwC to deliver a tech-driven, human-led, and data-centric audit experience.


Enerjisa Üretim, a major player in the energy sector, faced the critical challenge of enhancing operational efficiency in an industry where even marginal gains matter significantly. The company embarked on reshaping the energy landscape through a robust digital transformation initiative. Transitioning to a cloud-native ecosystem powered by Microsoft Azure marked the initial step in this transformative journey.


The solution materialized in the form of a state-of-the-art Remote Operation Centre overseeing the real-time activities of 20 hydropower, wind, and solar plants around the clock. This center leverages advanced AI analytics, providing Enerjisa Üretim with the capability to monitor performance in real-time, forecast production levels, and predict maintenance requirements. 


The cloud-native ecosystem, empowered by Microsoft Azure and Generative AI, has had a profound impact on Enerjisa Üretim’s operations. The establishment of ROC enabled the company to navigate the complexities of the energy sector with agility and precision. Real-time monitoring, production forecasting, and predictive maintenance have become integral components of their operational strategy, ensuring optimal efficiency. The specialized Security Operation Centre further elevated the company’s resilience.


PageGroup, dedicated to finding top talent for business growth, faced a challenge in streamlining the administrative-intensive tasks of consultants to maximize efficiency. With a global workforce and diverse operations, the need arose for a centralized platform to enhance innovation and leverage cloud-based technologies, including generative AI, to elevate their service delivery.


To address these challenges, PageGroup implemented a global enterprise data platform on Microsoft Azure. This solution not only streamlined administrative processes but also laid the foundation for continuous innovation. Leveraging Azure and embracing technologies like OpenAI and Generative AI’s capabilities, PageGroup created a versatile platform that promotes further advancements and ensures the efficient use of cloud-based tools, enhancing their ability to deliver top-notch talent solutions to clients.


The implementation of the global enterprise data platform on Microsoft Azure empowered PageGroup to achieve operational efficiency and scalability. With a streamlined workflow, consultants can now focus on high-value tasks, significantly impacting business growth. The incorporation of cloud-based technologies, including generative AI, is already demonstrating tangible business benefits. PageGroup is now well-positioned to navigate the dynamic landscape of talent acquisition, ensuring they continue to deliver exceptional services to clients globally.


Degrees of Change, a non-profit organization focused on leadership training and career development for underrepresented students, faced challenges in handling the evaluation of resumes and essays during its Seed Internship Program. Despite a streamlined assessment process, the manual evaluation of free-form content remained time-intensive. Recognizing the need for a more efficient solution, Degrees of Change turned to AI Builder to enhance the matching process.


The organization leveraged AI Builder to create a powerful AI-driven model that significantly accelerated the matching of candidates to available positions. By integrating AI Builder into its Power Platform solution, Degrees of Change transformed its evaluation process. The experiment with Bing Chat, powered by generative AI, yielded impressive results, providing detailed explanations and fit scores for matches. The seamless integration of AI Builder into the solution allowed for efficient processing of data from Dataverse through Power Automate and Azure OpenAI Service, ultimately enhancing the capabilities of the matching app.


Degrees of Change witnessed a substantial improvement in efficiency with the new AI model. The organization projected a threefold increase in the number of internships provided over the next two years without the need for additional staff. The AI model not only expedited the recruitment process but also allowed the organization to maintain a 32-hour workweek policy. Beyond matching, Degrees of Change extended the use of AI Builder to anonymize resumes, reduce bias, and help improve the process. Degrees of Change’s commitment to providing deserving students with a brighter future through the power of AI was realized.