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+4x Increase in marketing agility by reducing time-to-market for recommendation models


Online fashion retailer ASOS had two intermeshed goals: to craft one data model solution where there would have been three, and to give its data science teams a satisfying, productivity-boosting collaboration model.


ASOS standardized on the Microsoft Azure Machine Learning service to build the models that support its fashion recommender, publishing brand recommendations for its 19.2 million customers to Azure Cosmos DB for global scalability.


The company has achieved an AI transformation that drives down model build times from months to weeks, serving recommendations to its 19.2M customers. and improving collaboration and the model-building experience for its data scientists and engineers.

+3% Increase in online revenue per quarter by providing consistent service within seconds


Wolford has set high service standards in its boutique stores globally and wanted to find innovative ways of delivering the same high-level experience digitally when it started selling online.


Wolford created a luxury customer experience on its e-commerce website with an AI-powered shopping assistant chatbot. The AI engine uses Azure Cognitive (Bot) Services to support intent classification for fashion brands.


Deployed in 14 countries, the sales assistant bot is effectively boosting online sales for Wolford. The data gathered is used to help the company identify trends and anticipate changes in customer tastes and demands, better positioning the company to create well-informed strategies.

Instant insights of fruit and vegetable availability status on shelves


As the first Turkish retailer to hold an R&D certificate, Migros wanted to find a way to transform the retail sector to streamline operations and improve customer satisfaction.


Using Azure Cognitive Services, Migros developed an AI powered system that obtains data from cameras installed in-store and can instantly recognize products and estimate shelf-occupancy rates.


Migros can instantly monitor the amount and stock status of fruits and vegetables on the shelves and generate alarms about their condition. In addition, sell-out and automatic order situations can be easily managed.