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Cloud Managed provides a comprehensive range of cloud solutions aimed at maximizing the value of your investment. For us, the cloud extends beyond technology, and as such, our solutions are flexible to adapt to changes.

Overcoming Modern Business Challenges with Cloud Managed Services

With a Cloud-led Approach, Do Everything On The Go

Embrace the freedom and flexibility of a Cloud-led approach that enables you to stay productive and efficient while on the move. With the power of the Cloud at your fingertips, you can seamlessly access and manage your tasks and data. Stay connected, stay agile, and stay in control with Cloud-led mobility.

Cloud Management Services

Optimize your cloud operations with Veraqor’s comprehensive cloud management services. Our expertise ensures that your cloud infrastructure operates efficiently, securely, and at peak performance.

Key Benefits

Efficient Cloud Infrastructure Management

Better Visibility of Data Usage & Consumption

24/7 Support & Management by Professionals

Proactive Issue Resolution

Technical Capabilities

Cloud Infrastructure Management

Leveraging our extensive expertise, Veraqor skillfully oversees your cloud resources, ensuring not only meticulous provisioning and maintenance but also incorporating robust round-the-clock monitoring, seamless scaling, and strategic cost optimization. Our approach goes beyond efficient management – it’s a comprehensive strategy to enhance performance, minimize operational costs, and align seamlessly with your evolving needs.

24/7 Service Management

Your business never rests, and neither do we with our cloud managed services. Our dedicated team stands vigilant around the clock to effectively manage your cloud services. We are committed to promptly addressing any issues keeping your cloud services running at their peak performance.

Optimization & Transparency

Veraqor provides unparalleled transparency into your cloud utilization and expenditure. By actively optimizing resource allocation and cost management, we empower you to gain full control over your cloud investments with complete visibility into resource allocation as per different parameters. With our support, you extract the utmost value from your cloud investments, making data-driven decisions that align perfectly with your strategic objectives.

Cloud Management Services Trends

88% of large enterprises have adopted a multi-cloud infrastructure, requiring a comprehensive cloud management solution.

Effective cloud management can help organizations reduce their cloud costs by up to 19% and drive efficiency.

Organizations that implement cloud management services can improve their cloud infrastructure utilization by up to 33%.

72% of organizations say cloud management services have helped them reduce their cloud infrastructure costs.

Managed Application Services

Unlock the potential of your applications with Veraqor’s comprehensive managed application services. Our expertise ensures your applications perform at their peak, are secure and compliant.

Key Benefits

Optimal Application Performance

Modernized and Up-to-date Applications

Swift Troubleshooting and Issue Resolution

Robust Security and Compliance

Technical Capabilities

App Performance Management

Improve and monitor your applications’ performance with our comprehensive management solutions. Our expertise consistently deliver optimal functionality, providing users with a smooth experience.

App Troubleshooting & Issue Resolution

Count on our agile approach to swiftly identify and resolve application-related issues, anytime and anywhere. Our prompt troubleshooting and resolution processes are designed to minimize disruptions, keep your applications running seamlessly, and solve any arising issues promptly.

Application Modernization

Embark on a journey of application modernization to maintain competitiveness and operational efficiency. We help you adapt to evolving industry demands and cutting-edge technologies, ensuring your applications remain in sync with the latest trends and their performance is up to the mark.

Application Security & Compliance

We employ a multifaceted approach, implementing stringent security measures and ensuring unwavering adherence to industry regulations, including CISA, SOC2 ISO, and others, taking all the measures towards safeguarding your data and preserving a secure and consistent user experience.

Managed Application Services Trends

Service providers are targeting more than 90% uptime, with an industry-wide push to reduce downtime by 20% in the next two years.

Over 60% of organizations plan to adopt hybrid cloud strategies in the near future, making it a dominant trend in managed application services.

A 25% increase in investment is anticipated for enhancing security in managed applications, reflecting heightened concerns over data protection.

65% of organizations have migrated or plan to migrate their applications to the cloud for improved scalability and efficiency.

Managed DevOps Services

Unlock the potential of your services with Veraqor’s Managed DevOps services and take the lead. Our comprehensive solutions streamline your software development and IT operations, enhancing efficiency and productivity as well as minimizing friction between them.

Key Benefits

Seamless Automated CI/CD Pipeline Deployment

Enhanced Test Automation

Expert Containerization Management

Efficient DevOps Process Management

Technical Capabilities

CI/CD Pipeline Deployment

Experience the power of continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) with our expert deployment solutions. We ensure the efficient and consistent deployment of code, reducing development bottlenecks and accelerating software release cycles.


Our containerization solutions offer a robust approach to application deployment and its microservices, scaling and containerizing through Dockers, Kubernetes, and other modern tools. Utilizing different containerization strategies, we enhance portability, scalability, and consistency across diverse environments.

Test Automation

Effortlessly optimize your software testing processes with our test automation capabilities and ensure quick and improved delivery of services. We ensure thorough and robust testing standards and processes, reducing manual effort and improving software quality.

DevOps Process Management

Achieve seamless and efficient DevOps process management and monitoring with our expertise. We facilitate frictionless collaboration between development and operations teams, promoting automation and efficiency in every process and aiming for ideal outcomes.

Managed DevOps Services Trends

82% of organizations expect to use managed DevOps services by 2025.

61% of organizations say managed DevOps services have helped them reduce their software development costs.

77% of organizations say managed DevOps services have helped them improve their software quality.

52% of organizations say managed DevOps services have helped them accelerate their software release cycles and quick go-to-market execution.

Managed Security Services

Harness the power of Veraqor’s Managed Security Services to fortify your digital defenses. Our expert team ensures that your security infrastructure operates with unwavering vigilance, keeping your assets safeguarded and compliant. We streamline your security operations, mitigate risks, and provide comprehensive solutions for a secure digital environment.

Key Benefits

Robust Cybersecurity Management

Regulatory Compliance Assurance

Firewall Protection/WAF

Proactive Threat Detection and Mitigation

24/7 Security Monitoring

Technical Capabilities

Security Audit

Embark on a comprehensive security audit designed to thoroughly evaluate your existing defenses. Our meticulous examination not only identifies vulnerabilities and areas in need of enhancement but also equips you with the insights required to bolster your security posture, ensuring a fortified and resilient digital environment.

Comprehensive Vulnerability Assessment

Experience the approach of our vulnerability assessment, meticulously scrutinizing your security infrastructure to unearth potential weaknesses. This assessment empowers you with the knowledge needed to take proactive measures, enabling you to reinforce your digital defenses, thus safeguarding your critical assets.

Compliance Assessment & Planning

Stay ahead of the ever-evolving regulatory landscape with our comprehensive compliance assessment and strategic planning. We ensure that your security measures not only align with prevailing industry standards and regulations but also significantly reduce compliance-related risks, offering you peace of mind in a complex compliance environment.

Security Planning & Management

We design and manage your security infrastructure carefully and ensure ideal outcomes for you. Our seasoned experts take on the responsibility of ensuring that your systems are fortified and well-protected, establishing a robust security framework that guarantees the safeguarding of your invaluable data and applications.

Managed Security Services Trends

The global managed security services market is expected to reach $77.01 billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 12.8% from 2021 to 2030.

65% of organizations say that managed security services have helped them to reduce the cost of security operations.

76% of organizations say that managed security services have helped them to improve their security posture.

58% of organizations say that managed security services have helped them to improve their incident response capabilities.

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