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Veraqor’s Data Analytics Services and solutions help enterprises achieve their goals by leveraging their existing data. We use the cloud, AI, and effective data governance to create business value and solve real-world problems.

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T-Mobile faced a challenge of building a nationwide 5G network while ensuring effective and accurate reporting on data and metrics related to supply chain and business critical information. The existing landscape of disparate data sources and systems made it difficult and time-consuming to ensure real-time metrics, leading to the need for a solution to centralize data to optimize planning and reporting that would be effective and efficient.


The solution was to create a data lakehouse solution with Azure Synapse to centralize all their data and make it significantly more accessible and flexible across the organization. Power BI was then used to create stunning dashboards to support the usage and understanding of procurement and supply chain data and encourage more data-driven decision making during the 5G initiative.


The data lakehouse created with Microsoft Azure Data Factory, Azure Synapse Analytics, and Azure Databricks, enabled T-Mobile to centralize data and improve security, eliminating workload contention and ensuring data isolation. The data lakehouse also facilitated the creation of stunning dashboards, using Microsoft Power BI, to support the understanding of procurement and supply chain data and encourage more data-driven decision making. T-Mobile was able to successfully execute the building of a nationwide 5G network, which required a massive ramp-up in cell tower site construction and ensure that sites were built on time.


KPMG was looking to empower application developers to rapidly build their own cloud infrastructure while maintaining the firm’s security posture. The existing legacy lab environment offered great flexibility and speed for testing cloud services, but there were trade-offs concerning secure tenant-level policies, flexible access controls, and data classification restrictions. There was also a need to support training, proof of concepts, and application demos to internal clients that included cloud services that have not been vetted by KPMG security.


To mitigate this issue, a pre-development Azure landing zone was introduced with self-auditable security guardrails which allow developers elevated privileges to safely experiment with cloud services and build their applications in the cloud using KPMG proprietary data.


The introduction of a pre-development Azure landing zone with self-auditable security guardrails allowed developers elevated privileges to safely experiment with cloud services and build their applications in the cloud using KPMG proprietary data. The solution also enables data scientists to fine-tune their AI & ML models with rapid prototyping, increased agility, and reduced time to market. The KPMG app dev teams adopted the pre-dev Azure landing zone to migrate to the cloud in just eight days, reducing time to market by 50-60%.


AMD IT, as a leader in semiconductor technology, was facing an ever-increasing need for more computing resources for its product development and verification processes. The team was looking for scalability, reliability, and adaptability for its hybrid environments to preserve capacity and reliability. The solution implemented has enabled AMD to reduce delays and accelerate time to market.


By using Azure resources, AMD IT was able to speed up job times and reduce time to market by scaling up virtual machines (VMs) configured for high-performance computing (HPC) to meet bursts of demand and then scale back down when the machines aren’t needed.


The solution also helped AMD IT shorten ramp-up times, gain flexibility, and speed up job times, which ultimately sped up design cycle times and reduced time to market. Additionally, AMD IT was able to strategically plan for which machines and processes it would need at any given time, allowing them to positively impact the company’s bottom line.


Mondelēz International had an aging on-premises infrastructure that needed to be replaced to enable new business and product innovations. The company was also facing increasingly severe security threats and needed to ramp up its security posture. In addition, the company wanted to move as many of its systems as possible to the cloud to gain scalability, flexibility, and agility.


The solution that Mondelez adopted was to move most of its IT assets, including much of its business-critical SAP landscape, to Microsoft Azure. By doing so, Mondelēz International improved SAP application performance by up to 50 percent, halved its disaster recovery time and boosted availability of key systems.


The decision to move to Azure allowed the company to introduce additional layers of security, including Azure Active Directory, in a flexible and agile way, which was not possible in a static, on-premises environment. Additionally, the company was able to reduce costs and upgrade its infrastructure while meeting the rapidly evolving digital requirements of its consumers. The company’s digital capability is now integral to its strategy and everything it does to further accelerate profitable growth.

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