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Organize, track, and leverage data with improved data governance methodologies.

Top Data Governance Challenges Faced by Organizations

Embracing Data Governance as a Practice

Moving beyond the project-centric governance approach, we reimagine data governance as a systemic practice, empowering your organization to harness the full potential of unified business data.
Strategy & Assessment
Classification & Security
Quality and Integrity
Metadata Management
Privacy and Compliance

Data Governance Strategy & Assessment

Craft a robust data governance strategy, assessing and optimizing data management and governance practices for organizational success.

Key Benefits

Optimized Data Efficiency

Increased Data Reliability

Targeted Improvements with Data

Technical Capabilities

Data Discovery & Inventory

Uncover, classify, and manage data assets extensively and efficiently to optimize intelligent decision-making and drive organizational success.

Data Maturity Assessment

Evaluate and assess data capabilities and readiness levels to enhance and improve data-driven initiatives and drive business growth effectively.

Data Governance Strategy

Develop comprehensive data governance frameworks and policies to ensure data quality, security, and compliance with data across the organization.

Data Classification & Security

Build a robust data classification and security framework, enabling 24/7 data integrity and safeguarding digital organizational assets.

Key Benefits

Enhanced Data Protection

Strengthened Data Privacy

Controlled Access Policies

Technical Capabilities

Data Sensitivity Classification

Identify data importance levels through various techniques to allow appropriate handling and protection throughout your organization's operations.

Data Access Control

Implement and control strict protocols to comprehensively manage and monitor access to sensitive data, safeguarding against unauthorized use or breaches.

Data Encryption & Anonymization

Secure your data through unfaltering encryption and anonymization techniques, protecting confidentiality while preserving data usability and compliance.

Data Quality and Integrity

Establish robust data quality and integrity measures, allowing the accuracy and reliability of organizational data assets.

Key Benefits

Enhanced Data Accuracy

Strengthened Data Monitoring

Improved Data Quality & Integrity

Technical Capabilities

Data Quality Assessment

Evaluate your data's accuracy and reliability to ensure informed decision-making and optimize business outcomes effectively to drive better results.

Data Cleansing & Standardization

Streamline and refine datasets, driving consistency and reliability for enhanced operational efficiency and analysis to standardize the data.

Data Monitoring & Validation

Continuously monitor and verify data integrity to maintain high-quality standards and support reliable insights—enabling your decisions to be validated.

Master Data Management

Centralize and comprehensively govern critical business data, allowing consistency and accuracy across the organization for improved decision-making.

Metadata Management

Create a customized management approach encompassing creation, governance, and automation to optimize data utilization and contextualization.

Key Benefits

Enhanced Metadata Understanding

Efficient Data Utilization

Streamlined Processes

Technical Capabilities

Metadata Creation & Capture

Augment and manage metadata creation, enhancing data organization, management, and accessibility for streamlined decision-making processes.

Metadata Governance

Ensure metadata integrity at all levels, including compliance and usability, fostering trust and maximizing the value of organizational data assets.

Metadata-driven Automation

Leverage metadata for automated processes across departments, improving efficiency and accuracy in data-driven workflows and decision-making.

Data Privacy and Compliance

Establish a solid framework for data privacy and compliance to align with regulatory standards and fortify your organization’s integrity.

Key Benefits

Improved Regulatory Compliance

Strengthened Organizational Integrity

Heightened Data Protection

Technical Capabilities

Data Privacy Assessments

Assess data privacy practices to enable better alignment with regulations and standards, mitigating privacy risks and enhancing user trust.

Data Compliance Assessments

Evaluate data compliance measures to identify gaps and establish protocols, ensuring adherence to regulatory requirements such as HIPAA, GDPR, and CCPA.

Breach Readiness & Response

Implement robust strategies for swift detection and effective response to data breaches, minimizing adverse impact and protecting sensitive information.

Data Retention & Disposal

Establish future-ready policies and procedures for proper data retention and disposal, reducing overall legal risks and maintaining data hygiene.

Generating Business Value Across Functions

Enterprise data governance solutions that allow you to unify and master your data for better governance.

See How Organizations Are Innovating



bp faced the challenge of managing vast and complex data streams essential to realizing its net zero ambitions by 2050. Data fragmentation hindered efficiency and governance, necessitating a solution to centralize and optimize data utilization.


Leveraging Microsoft’s Intelligent Data Platform, bp streamlined data management and governance, integrating cloud and on-premises sources with Azure Synapse and IoT services. This empowered accelerated production of data products, AI model training, and enhanced carbon emissions tracking to support net zero goals.


The Intelligent Data Platform facilitated collaboration, removing silos and strengthening data governance. Azure Data Services enabled end-to-end data management, enhancing reliability, trustworthiness, and data protection. With Azure Digital Twins, bp predicts emissions reduction opportunities and models innovative energy solutions, driving progress towards sustainability objectives.


The Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA) recognized the pressing need for swifter and more comprehensive health insights across British Columbia, it acted swiftly. Outdated, inconsistent data requests hindered analysis and insight sharing. PHSA had to transition its healthcare analytics platform to Microsoft Azure, establishing a scalable and secure data analysis platform with centralized data.


Migrating their enterprise data warehouse to Microsoft Azure, PHSA crafted the Platform for Analytics and Data (PANDA) with Single Source of Truth. By harnessing Azure’s capabilities, PANDA aimed to enhance health data accessibility, literacy, and analytics for formerly segregated healthcare analysts and scientists at PHSA.


Amid the onset of the COVID-19 crisis, PHSA’s Project PANDA took on new urgency. Azure’s capabilities enabled PHSA to swiftly deliver critical metrics like COVID-19 cases and hospital capacities, facilitating informed decision-making. Through meticulous collaboration with Microsoft, PHSA ensured that health data remained securely within Canada, aligning with governmental regulations.


To stay ahead of the curve, it has become imperative to invest in getting valuable insights along with data security and compliance. Understanding that, and to effectively unlock and uncover deeper insights from its vast data reserves and ensure data governance and compliance, leading global bakery company Grupo Bimbo embarked on a data landscape modernization journey.


The company adopted Microsoft Purview, a cloud-based data governance solution, to address its data challenges. This solution enabled Grupo Bimbo to centralize and manage data from diverse sources into a unified platform, facilitating easier access and analysis. Moreover, it empowered the company to leverage advanced analytics capabilities to extract valuable insights from its data, ultimately informing informed decision-making.