Custom Data Warehouse and BI Solutions for a European Insurance Company

A worldwide leading insurance and reinsurance firm, established in 2001, this company holds a reputation in offering the insurance and reinsurance solution to the customers around the globe. The company maintains offices in Atlanta, Bermuda, Boston, Chicago, Dublin, Farmington, London, New York, San Francisco and Zug, has taken up an ambitious initiative to have an optimized and efficient data repository set up with accurate quality standardization.

Technology Stack

  • Kalido
  • SQL Server
  • IBM iAccess

The main consideration point of the customer was to have efficient performance as the system had slow Kalido loads. One of the requirement to improve these was to optimize and speed up As/400 data extracts. The company wanted to have streamlined data quality standardization and configuration that would facilitate in efficient performance and restart-ability to its daily loads. This involved a planned technology switch to Microsoft platform for data storage.

Veraqor’s consultants undertook the migration of load batches, scripts and data from Data Stage to SISS as part of the process standardization. Next, Kalido best practices were implemented to ensure an efficiently performing system for both data loads and data retrieval, which resulted in a noticeable improvement of about 70% in load and extraction. Implementing these, combined with industry best practices for system integration using Microsoft SSIS and IBM iAccess for data extracts from IBM As/400, Veraqor’s consultants set up a mechanism that had lower connection failures and logging issues.

With improved loading and efficient EDW and BI system, the technical teams at the customer have more time to improve IT process and business users have timely access to information to make informed decisions.

Key Highlights

  • Veraqor designed and optimized the system such that the overall reference load improved by 50% to 70%.
  • Veraqor’s consultants achieved a smooth transition from Data Stage to SSIS.
  • An improvement in the overall efficiency of the data extracts which helps the customer in timely retrieval of data.
  • Restart-ability for the system meant a smarter load process
  • Streamlining of the data quality issues to get the right information based on customer’s requirements and a standardized configuration for the system.