Integrating Big Data Generated by a Global Pharmaceutical’s Revolutionary Smart-Pill Initiative with a Cloud-based Analytical Tool

When a global pharmaceutical, with 40000+ employees worldwide and affiliates companies in 24 countries, undertook a revolutionary initiative to put a chip on a pill, they turned to Veraqor to integrate the Big Data that was generated, with a cloud-based analytical tool.

Technology Stack

  • Mongo DB
  • Java

As soon as a smart pill is ingested, the bio-digestible chip, powered by the body heat, gets activated and emits a signal. This signal is received by a wearable patch, which is similar in size to the commonly available adhesive bandages, and in-turn, is transmitted to a smart device. The patch then transmits this event info to a smart device, along with a host of other measurements it is designed to make, such as body temperature, inclination, heartbeat etc. A smart app on the smart device then send all the information to a cloud-based Big Data repository.

In order to convert this data into actionable insights, Veraqor helped integrate it to a third-party analytical system through REST web services. All technologies involved were open source, with the core transformation logic in Java.

The insights from the resulting analytics can revolutionize the medical and health industries. It can be used to speed-up and accurately measure clinical trial results for new drug, thus directly impact research and development for new cures. It can help track medication, missed doses, impact of each dose to adjust prescription and much much more.

Key Highlights

  • Veraqor’s Big Data Consultant outlined the integration strategy and a scalable architecture to support the system over predicted future growth
  • Niche Big Data and Open source technologies

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