Master Data Management for a Global Pharmaceutical Company

A large US based global pharmaceuticals and health care company, with 90,000 employees and operations in over 130 countries, turned to Streebo to help them use Kalido MDM to its full potential and master data coming from its affiliates from all over the world.

Technology Stack

  • Kalido MDM
  • Oracle
  • Informatica
  • QlikView

This customer was interested in getting a central repository setup that would serve as a single source of truth for product listings across its affiliates globally. This would allow the company to cross sell products between affiliates and also enable them to provide this mastered data to downstream business intelligence and data warehouse systems.

Veraqor was engaged in the initial stages to plan a multi-phase MDM solution for this customer. In the initial phase of the project, Veraqor architected a solution that allowed this customer to create a Master Data repository based on the data being received from SAP source system from various geographies. Veraqor utilized the powerful Informatica and Kalido MDM 9 combination to create an extensible and scalable model for the customer. With the agility that is inherent to the Kalido architecture, coupled with Veraqor expertise, the prototype phase covering data from Nordic countries was in production soon.

With Kalido MDM as the heart of the solution, Veraqor’s technical consultants created the final solution using Informatica for the backend ETL, Oracle as the database technology hosting Kalido and Kalido DIW as one of the consumer of the mastered data.

Key Highlights

  • Veraqor architected and created a comprehensive business model to allow the customer to seamlessly managed the data feeds from the multiple data sources.
  • The Veraqor team was engaged and driving new affiliate integrations with a centralized MDM repository and Data Warehouse, a process involving ETL based on Informatica, a Kalido implementation based on Oracle as the underlying database technology and database objects for feeding BI on Qlikview.
  • On-site and off-shore collaborative development model that ensured extended coverage and smarter, faster implementation timeframe for new initiatives and go-lives.
  • Veraqor’s consultants setup process that ensure unified and consistent data for the client’s BI systems; monitoring and high computational analytics.
  • About 25 affiliates have been integrated over the year from across 4 continents globally with data security measures in place to ensure confidentiality constraints, a critical requirement for sensitive transactional data. Around 15 affiliates were lined up to go-live over the next 6 months.

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