Supply Chain Advisory Session

Identify Hidden Patterns in
Demand Forecasting

Leverage Data and AI to Drive Better Insights into
Supply Chain Demand Forecasting.

Duration: 1 Hours  |  Cost: Free

About the Demand Forecasting Advisory Session

Talk with an expert to solve problems pragmatically and evolve your digital enterprise transformation.

This advisory session provides high-level information and discussion regarding hidden patterns, methods to identify them, create demand forecasting based on that data, and best practices with their key benefits.

Understand mathematical methods used for pattern analysis, techniques and models used in making demand forecasting​.
Briefly discuss methods, techniques, models, components and applications of demand forecasting​.

What to Expect During this Advisory Session?

  • Basic introduction to identify hidden pattern analysis
  • Using those pattern to create data omnichannel landscape
  • Try and identify internal and external influencers
  • How this landscape is used to make demand forecasting
  • Introduction to Cloud, Data & AI Analytics
  • Veraqor will help you and your team understand the benefits of identifying hidden patterns in order to make forecasting for your business using scalable and secure cloud technology.

    • Hidden patterns & demand forecasting
    • Potential approach and solution
    • Prioritizing cloud-based analytics

    Understanding of Patterns, Forecasting, Cloud AI

    Architectural Design Session (Optional)

  • Discussion on how different components come together to make an entire solution on a high level
  • Reference Architecture
  • Demo
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