Enhancing Supplier Due Diligence with Streamlined Technology Solutions

Technology Stack:

  • Power Apps
  • Dataverse
  • Power Automate
  • Power BI


  • Digital Apps & Innovation
  • Data& Analytics

Functional Capabilities:

  • Tracking
  • Management

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The Challenge Before Us

The company was in dire need to optimize its supplier due diligence process, aiming to increase efficiency across various teams. Their challenges include the manual execution of routine tasks, a time-intensive process, and a lack of supplier benchmarking. To overcome, they had to think out of the box and think of a digital solution.

Streamlining Supplier Due Diligence with Advanced Technology Solutions

This tailored technology solution is invaluable for the company as it streamlines the due diligence process for oil and gas suppliers. The approach centers on a PowerApps application, which allows suppliers to initiate the due diligence process with ease. Once their request is internally approved, it seamlessly integrates with a database via Dataverse, providing a central hub for all due diligence activities.

By incorporating Power Automate, the company has optimized workflow automation, ensuring tasks are carried out efficiently and reducing the manual workload. PowerBI dashboards are employed to generate comprehensive reports and enable supplier benchmarking, providing a clear and insightful overview of supplier performance.

The significance of this digital solution lies in the creation of comprehensive supplier profiles. It enables the company to compile essential information such as legal history, performance metrics, and compliance records. Furthermore, workflow automation ensures that due diligence tasks are executed seamlessly, and the supplier benchmarking feature contributes to informed decision-making.

The technology stack employed for this solution includes PowerApps for the supplier request process, Dataverse as the central data repository, Power Automate for workflow optimization, and PowerBI for reporting and benchmarking.

The solution empowers the company to compile thorough supplier profiles, automate time-consuming tasks, and introduce supplier benchmarking for informed decisions. The commitment to enhancing due diligence extends to all aspects of their operations, contributing to increased efficiency and supplier performance. This solution has revolutionized the way the company manages its supplier due diligence process and ensures that it stays at the forefront of efficiency and decision-making.