Digitally Transforming Vendor Services Requests for Enhanced Efficiency

Technology Stack:

  • Power Apps
  • Power BI
  • Dataverse
  • Power Automate


  • Digital Apps & Innovation
  • Data & Analytics

Functional Capabilities:

  • Tracking & Development
  • Management

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The Challenge Before Us

The company embarked on a mission to streamline vendor service requests, eliminate manual processes, increase efficiency, and gain valuable insights into vendor performance. Challenges such as manual request procedures, coordination delays, and a lack of vendor insights prompted them to proactively revolutionize their approach.

Digitally Transforming Vendor Services for Efficiency and Insight with PowerApps and PowerBI

This customized technology solution has played a pivotal role in addressing the multifaceted challenges associated with vendor service requests and enhancing efficiency. At its core, the solution leverages PowerApps and PowerBI, integrating a vendor request form with an automated approval workflow.

The solution involves key stakeholders, including the Cost Team, Budget Holders, Vendors/Contractors, and Vendor Coordinators. Platform integrations are used to fetch vital vendor personnel and financial information. Once the request is approved, the data is seamlessly transmitted to the Vendor Mobilization Team.

But why does this matter? The impact is significant. The organization now has access to crucial vendor performance metrics, including response times and service completion times. It tracks service request trends, identifying peak request times and common service types. Cost analysis has become more transparent, allowing for the evaluation of the total cost of services and cost per service type. Vendor utilization is now optimized, ensuring that vendors are neither underutilized nor overburdened while diversifying the vendor pool for risk mitigation. The introduction of workflow automation has led to an eightfold increase in vendor coordination efficiency.

The technology stack involved in this transformation includes PowerApps, PowerBI, Dataverse, and PowerAutomate. Together, these components empower the company to manage vendor service requests efficiently and gain valuable insights into vendor performance.

This technological solution goes beyond the mere streamlining of vendor service requests. It represents a comprehensive strategy aimed at enhancing efficiency, fostering insights, and driving transformative change. The organization utilizes this solution to ensure faster, more efficient coordination, reduce costs, and gain deep insights into vendor performance. Their unwavering commitment to these objectives contributes to overall efficiency and excellence in vendor management. This solution represents a significant leap forward in their quest for enhanced vendor coordination and efficiency.