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Veraqor is your go-to IT staff augmentation company, helping you stay competitive and providing you with every chance to stay ahead of your competitors. Among all the IT staff companies, our IT staffing services ensure timely project delivery, unmatched support and excellence.


Increase Your Chances of Success & Expedite Your Projects with

IT Staff Augmentation Services

Progressing in today’s technology-dependent world is not easy. Among many factors, having the right technology talent in your talent pool is critical. But successfully managing and retaining a team of technology experts often turns out to be a more significant issue.

Urgent requirements for new talents or redundancy are the two situations that haunt modern businesses. For that, Veraqor’s IT staffing services allow them to have the top IT talent work for them, having experience, professional excellence, and everything that your team needs, that too in reasonable IT staff augmentation cost, keeping it all in your budget.

Our IT staff augmentation services are designed to help organizations boost their projects and acquire the right technology talent on time with no hassle. In all your needs, your extended engineering team seamlessly fits into your process, reports to your managers, and follows your delivery methods to uphold the quality that you need.

What is IT Staff Augmentation?

IT Staff Augmentation service lets you hire top tech talent remotely. It is best suited for organizations looking to expand their team size on an on-demand basis to boost their output. The service enables businesses to find the right talent and fill temporary positions, ensuring scalability and efficiency for their projects.

For all the immediate hiring needs to expedite development, IT Staff Augmentation provides the much-needed impetus for businesses to boost their projects and accomplish organizational goals – reducing the risk of hiring resources and providing them benefits.

Organizations around the globe use IT Staff Augmentation services to reach their goals better with improved cost-effectiveness. This helps organizations skip all the prerequisites of sourcing the right talent, screening and recruiting, and retaining them.

IT Staff Augmentation Services for You

Veraqor provides  IT Staff Augmentation services to its clients all over the world through several models, helping them find the right fit as per the changing requirements.

Short-Term Staff Augmentation

The short-term staff augmentation hiring model ensures hiring talent for all urgent needs. Our ready-to-work teams allow you to choose the top tech talent that can get started for the job – all within a week.

Long-Term Staff Augmentation

Our long-term staff augmentation solutions enable organizations to find the right talent fit for their prolonged needs with the necessary soft and hard skills. All the developers or engineers you hire report directly to you.

Expansion of Current Team

Veraqor allows fast-functioning development teams to find the best talent to meet the growing needs of development. With ever-changing demands and strict timelines, we assist you through our IT staff augmentation services for various modern skill sets.

Vendor Transition

We make it seamless for you to comply with modern needs. Our smooth and efficient vendor transition allows you to do all you want, direct your digital solution to the ideal path for you, and yield desired results.

Benefits of Veraqor’s

IT Staff Augmentation Services

Top Tech Talent
Veraqor recruits only the top tech talent, including expert software developers and engineers having vast industry experience and contemporary knowledge that makes them stand out among the ordinary – ensuring premier service for your business.
Dedicated Teams

We assign dedicated software developers and software development teams to particular clients so that they have the freedom to focus on your project and other organizational goals. Our dedicated teams ensure a seamless development and delivery cycle.

Extensive Hiring Process

Veraqor’s extensive hiring process involves several steps through which all the talent is filtered out, having only the best candidates at the end. Our recruitment process is crafted to attract only the top IT professionals with all you need.

Complete Control

After joining your team, our developers seamlessly integrate with your development process, culture, and other practices. They report directly to the in-house management, allowing you complete oversight and control.

Save Time

Skipping the sourcing, screening, and hiring process, Veraqor’s IT staff augmentation services enable you to focus on other important tasks and save time. Complying with all the demands, we bring the right talent to you.

Choose From the Best

Our vetted list of developers and engineers includes only the top talent of the technology industry having all-round skills – all of which are evaluated during the interview process. We allow you to choose from the best tech talent.

Getting Ready for

IT Staff Augmentation

Find The Right Technology Partner

Find The Right Technology Partner

Kick-starting your new technology partnership must not be abrupt. Study and understand the company you choose before finalizing them – finding the right technology partner is essential to guarantee an ideal future.

Select The Favorable Outsourcing Model

Select The Favorable Outsourcing Model

Conduct an internal assessment of your needs and current capacity to understand your needs properly. As per the requirements and findings of the assessment, communicate with the company to choose the suitable outsourcing model for IT staffing services.

State Your Expectations from the Start

State Your Expectations from the Start

Before anything, state your expectations from the start to avoid confusion later down the road. All your objectives and expectations should be clearly defined in order to identify the progress scenarios and set up new parameters.

Define Communication Channels & Process

Define Communication Channels & Process

Working with an outsourcing technology partner, you must define communication channels and understand the process to ensure seamless progress. With IT staffing services for businesses, it becomes critical to get the right results, which can be achieved with effective communication.