Veraqor Expands Data Services Footprint with Talend Partnership

Princeton, New Jersey– February 23, 2023

Veraqor, a leading technology consulting firm providing industry solutions worldwide, is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with Talend. The partnership will enable Veraqor to support enterprise-scale businesses around the globe with their digital transformation efforts, assisting to focus on data privacy and quality needs and delivering modern services.

As an industry leader, Veraqor understands that the use of concise data is critical to providing more relevant and valuable experiences for customers. This partnership will help businesses optimally leverage data to deliver secure and engaging consumer experiences. Veraqor’s expertise will help enterprises make informed decisions based on reliable data and produce ideal results by bringing clean, complete, uncompromised data to the center of modernization efforts.

“We’re excited to partner with Talend and expand our data services footprint through this partnership,” said Farrukh Lala, VP of Strategic Solutions at Veraqor. “By initiating this partnership, we’ll be able to allow modern, established, and growing businesses to generate value through their data. Our relationship with the Talend team is valuable, and we look forward to ensuring sustainable growth and achieving bigger together,” he added.

As part of the partnership, Veraqor’s industry-leading data services will be made available to more markets worldwide. This will allow more enterprises to access Veraqor’s data scientists, engineers, solution architects, and cloud professionals to help drive modern data initiatives and create engaging customer experiences.

About Veraqor:

Veraqor is a recognized technology consulting firm providing industry solutions in multiple countries worldwide. Veraqor brings the best of the tech industry to customers. Our team of experts, from data scientists and engineers to solution architects and cloud professionals, is spread across various countries like the US and Kazakhstan. For more information, please visit and follow us on LinkedIn: Veraqor.