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Talha Aziz

Cutting-edge technologies like AI, data science, cloud migration, and modernization have transformed the business in many ways, especially quality and sustainability, which are essential for delivering successful projects in this most competitive business landscape. Recently, GoodFirms interviewed Talha Aziz, the Director of Consulting Services of Veraqor, Inc., to learn more about their business. Below is an excerpt from the interview.

Veraqor, Inc. is a leading technology firm that offers cutting-edge and valuable tech solutions. The company provides its services to diverse industries and clients globally. They possess offices in North America, Western Asia, Central Asia, South Asia, and Europe. Their team focuses on developing meaningful technology solutions in an exceptional manner that brings excellent results.

The company has passionate professionals who are experts in big data management and analytics, business intelligence, artificial intelligence (AI), cloud modernization, machine learning, Internet of Things (IoT), and application development.

They offer innovative design, development, and reliable support and management services. The company aims to provide quality solutions such as robust frameworks with an agile approach that help client’s businesses grow faster and more reliably.

With more than 200 certified professionals and years of experience driving growth in clients’ businesses, including Fortune 100 companies helped them become one of the top big data companies in New Jersey, according to GoodFirms.

The GoodFirms team interviewed Veraqor, Inc.’s Director of Consulting Services, Mr. Talha Aziz, to gain insight into the company and its values.

Let’s begin the interview right away.

The Backstory Of Veraqor And The Role Of Its Director Of Consulting Services

Mr. Talha Aziz mentioned that since the company’s inception, they have been dedicated to delivering solutions that overcome various business challenges and bring innovation to the technology industry. Veraqor is a bootstrapped company established in 2015 with headquarters in Princeton, New Jersey.

The company’s vision is to create valuable tech solutions by addressing the global business market’s critical aspects and providing comprehensive services. They are committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions and transforming businesses with the wisdom of innovative technology.

As the director of Consulting Services, he is responsible for implementing the best consulting practices in various departments at Veraqor. He oversees and directs many consulting initiatives based on cloud, data, and AI. Also, he is responsible for contributing to the company’s strategic vision and business operation excellence.

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Veraqor’s Business Model Is Reliable And Focuses On Delivering The Most Competitive Solutions

According to Mr. Aziz, the company’s business model is based on an in-house team that maintains the quality of development and the timely delivery of projects. However, the company also provides third-party vendors from various regions, such as the Saudi peninsula and other parts of the Middle East and Central Asia, for specific projects. The company ensures the team delivers its unique expertise and needful resources when required.

When comparing Veraqor with its competitors, their unmatched commitment to advancing technologies and trends with the mission to serve humanity by providing comprehensive solutions that add value to their client’s businesses globally.

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Expertise In Various Industries And Cutting-Edge Services

Mr.  Talha Aziz shared that the company serves diverse industries, including retail, oil and gas, healthcare, manufacturing, and mining. The company consistently grabs the attention of new clients who engage in multiple projects for months, increasing client retention.

Veraqor offers various services, including cloud migration and modernization, data management, data warehousing, AI/ML models with customized development, and more. All services are based on the client’s unique business needs, which shows the flexibility and adaptability of the company.

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Professional Business Consulting Services With A Strong Focus On Delivering Exceptional Customer Support

While discussing customer satisfaction, Mr. Aziz said the company prioritizes its customers and their valuable feedback, which helps to provide more improved service. At Veraqor, the dedicated team proactively addresses issues with effective communication, transparent project management, and attention to detail that exceeds customer expectations.

The company’s commitment to maintaining top-notch customer service sets it apart from its competitors by providing dedicated project managers who handle technical and operational issues. They ensure that the client receives personalized support experience and efficient project collaboration.

Veraqor, Inc. has received 5-star ratings and positive client feedback on GoodFirms.


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Multiple Payment Options With Affordable Budget Requirements

Mr. Talha Aziz discussed a flexible payment structure tailored to every project’s and client’s business needs. The payment options include pay-per-feature, fixed cost, and pay-per-milestone, which offer more financial freedom and convenience while working on the project.

The company’s minimum budget requirements are based on the project’s merits, such as the value proposition for building clients’ financial freedom. The dedicated team provides necessary administrative consulting to clients while budgeting and focusing on quality.

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The Futuristic Vision

Mr. Talha Aziz shared his vision for the next decade; the company will continue its legacy of providing reliable consulting services with quality development and design solutions by implementing the right technology blend for businesses worldwide. They aim to expand its global footprint through cutting-edge and innovative technologies that inspire the business world.

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