On-demand Webinar:
Unlocking Custom Copilot & OpenAI for Your Organization
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Discover the power of personalized copilot in our exclusive webinar. Explore how AI copilot optimize workflows, enhance decision-making, and foster continuous learning. Delve into ethical, scalability, cybersecurity, and training aspects for comprehensive guidance and unlock the transformative potential of this cutting-edge technology for organizational empowerment and growth.

Key Takeaways​
  • Getting started with Azure OpenAI
  • Building AI models with a managed AI platform
  • Integration of ChatGPT and other models
  • Leveraging Power Apps & Low-code Apps
  • Designing & implementing custom Copilot
  • Challenges in implementing Applied AI solutions
  • Developing responsible AI models
  • Mitigating biases with training data
  • Real-world use cases of custom Copilot
  • Ethical considerations of implementing AI
Who Should Attend?​
  • Chief Information Officers (CIO)
  • Chief Technology Officers (CTO)
  • Chief Marketing Officers (CMO)
  • Chief Data Officer (CDO)
  • Product Owners for AI-powered Products
  • IT / AI Directors / Senior Engineering Managers
  • AI Solution Architects / Analytics Managers
  • Business Decision Makers Across Industries
  • AI / ML / Data Science / IT Enthusiasts
  • Other Senior Roles in Technology/Marketing
Host Speaker​
Syed Safdar Hussain
Senior Cloud Solution Architect, Veraqor Inc.
Syed Safdar Hussain is a seasoned cloud professional with over 14 years of expertise crafting cutting-edge digital solutions for global enterprises. His core competencies span enterprise-scale application development, cloud enablement, modernization, integration frameworks, and digital transformation, with a strong emphasis on security and compliance. Noteworthy roles include engagements with Mercedes-Benz, Talbot, and Weir Minerals.
Guest Speaker​
Savita Mittal
Senior Cloud Solution Architect, Microsoft
With 17+ years in the tech industry, Savita is a Sr. Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft and possesses a wealth of expertise in Cloud Services, specializing in Data & AI. Demonstrating empathy for customers, she excels in Azure App Services, Azure Data Factory, Azure Synapse, Azure AI Cognitive Services, and Open AI. Beyond her technical prowess, she mentors, educates, and speaks on Data & AI technology.